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The Tarot Reading

a most amazing tool for understanding oneself and life’s situations!

My name is Patricia Anne Elwood

I’ve been working with a Jungian interpretation of the tarot now for several decades. I find it the most synchronistic and revealing tool to help people on their path! It promises a dynamic and inspiring experience!

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When one feels stuck, and energy is blocked, it is time to ask for a reading.


Based on intuitive perception it gives an overview of where one is and what the unconscious has to say about one’s personal path. 

It may well open new doors, help to change one’s viewpoint, or inspire unexpected alternatives in difficult situations.

 Patricia awaits you for a deep reading that brings new perspectives.


  • To get through difficult situations better

  • To change perspective

  • To open new doors


  • The readings are online via Zoom.

  • Readings are 50 minutes more or less.

  • To book a session, contact Patricia directly by clicking the link below.

The Ancient Tarot



Patricia is very talented and in addition to her published books and top class credentials in Jungian psychoanalysis, she drafted the introduction for Inspired Journeys, the collaborative book featuring 31 women from WRS and over 70 women's headed businesses too!


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